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When she collapses at an aquarium a spirit residing in a penguin-shaped hat takes over her body and promises to extend her life – but only if the brothers manage to find an elusive item called the Penguin Drum.

Watch this for a lesson in how anime can deal with real-world emotions in batshit crazy settings.

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Et du fait de ses cheveux courts, Haruhi est prise pour un garçon.

Un jour, alors qu'elle cherche un endroit calme pour réviser, elle pousse la porte de la , un club unique à cette école dont les 6 membres sont des garçons de différents âge et état d'esprit, dont le travail consiste à divertir les jeunes filles.

Even with such an annoying friend, Kyoya couldn’t imagine having not met the blonde, part French boy with such a flamboyant personality.

Quite quickly, our lips met in a moment that kind of felt cliché.

“You’ve been spending a lot of time with her and she has even come to club sometimes to sit at your table. ” Tamaki continued and leaned forward, inquiring from Kyoya.

The Ootori smirked and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he leaned back a bit in his You grabbed the doorknob and carefully pulled the door open.

Slowly Kyoya looked up at the blonde with a raised eyebrow.

Tamaki fidgeted in his seat with a smile, his purple eyes glistening with curiosity.

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