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Yeah, everybody wants to own one, why don´t you make one yourself?

Well, there are indeed very good reasons why Bootlegging of Kutten is a true NO-GO for TJ worldwide.

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Did you catch us on Channel 7 Perth's show WA Weekender?Further more TJR embraces summertime ass well as B.Engel´s purely altruistic approach when it comes to producing his annual song for the WTJT.ASS a special Christm ASS treat, we´ll stick a very special ASS-rocket up yours: none other than Tony Sylvester aka the Duke of Nothing, the Savior of Deathpunk sits down with TJ Radio and talks about his beginnings with the band and various other ASSpects of life, including his view on dr ASSing smart, ASSthetics, his diverse kick-ASS music interests and even his ASStonishing tattoos. But motorcyle clubs are still and indeed different from Turbonegro´s personal Navy. So does Jenny Finch of L7, who explains why she joined TJ after she´s been a darling of MTV and became a well knows figure in the alternative music scene in the 90ies. Ladies and Gentlemen: Tschebesta has left the building, he has left his mind.Definitely a must-listen for the boring days ahead. TJR´s Frankie Dick takes a deep dive into the topic and explains all the Dos and Donts when it comes to dealing with MCs. A true Hollywood insider, she dives deep into youth culture, Turbonegro´s mothers and why Tinder sure isn´t the answer to all the lonely hearts out there. We talk about the upcoming WTJT in Hamburg and about the insane program.

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