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You can avoid this error by disabling the # request size limit by adding the line Limit XMLRequest Body 0 # between the lines.

Limit XMLRequest Body 0 # Only check Authentication for root path, nor again for recursive # folder.

This site provides an apt (.deb) repository for installing the Samsung Unified Linux Driver in a more user-friendly and less problematic way than downloading and installing directly from the Samsung website or using the installer that ships with printers.

I simply repackage the drivers that Samsung provides for free, and am not involved in any way with development of them. This will cause a keyring package to be installed, and may cause a temporary warning about missing a signature until that package is installed.

This section describes how to transfer files with SCP.I found that connecting to my LDAP server to authenticate with every request can be quite slow.) — Consider the exact architecture when updating packages.See Example 8.15, “Viewing information on the Libre Office package group” ) — yum should record history entries for transactions.This operation takes certain amount of disk space, and some extra time in the transactions, but it provides a lot of information about past operations, which can be displayed with the For more information about various yum plug-ins, see Section 8.6, “Yum Plug-ins”.

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