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Governor Andrew Cuomo also honored the Assembly member at a breakfast at the Executive Mansion on June 20, speaking in eulogistic terms of Farrell’s time in the Assembly and as former chair to both the Manhattan and State Democratic Parties.

“Denny also taught me politics was the means to the end, and that was getting into government to achieve power…not power you would use personally, not power to take care of some donors, to take care of some unions, to take care of the political complex — power to do good things for your people and for your community,” Cuomo said, according to a recording of his remarks obtained by Politico New York.

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Audiences were shocked when Portuguese TV presenter Herman Jose was being very touchy-feely with his co-host Vanessa Oliveira - but things took a real turn for the worst when he pulled up her top and showed the world her underwear.Farrell, a Democrat elected to the Assembly in 1974 and the third longest serving member of the body, is known for his diplomacy and good natured bantering with Republicans and Democrats alike during budget hearings and on the Assembly floor.Well-liked among his peers and beloved in his community, Farrell — who represents Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood — was recognized by the Legislature last week, when it voted to rename Upper Manhattan’s Riverbank State Park after him as part of a special legislative session dealing with mayoral control over schools.The male star looked embarrassed to begin with but was egged-on to laugh by members of the crew, heard in the background by listeners.During the incident, Vanessa appeared to be unaware the viewers had been given an eye-full of her bra.

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