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When you travel with someone, you quickly figure out how he interacts with other cultures, how she manages money, how she handles stress, or how he deals with conflict when the two of you cannot escape each other.Not to mention, you’ll be privy to all those things the other person may have tried (maybe successfully) to hide from you before: she doesn’t look quite the same without her makeup on, and you do not want to go in the bathroom after he uses it first thing in the morning.Prepare to be transported back in time, this gorgeous city has panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valley, as well as ample history for you to explore and absorb, and architecture that will take your breath away.Veliko Tarnovo is home to the magnificent Tsaravets Fortress, the strongest Bulgarian fortification from the Middle Ages.Most travellers to Peru will spend a few days in Lima, but the surrounding area is also worth exploring — if only for a day.

For 800 years, the temple has remained mostly undiscovered and untouched.

Once home to royalty, this ancient stronghold is now a striking tourist attraction standing proudly atop Tsaravets Hill.

Once you have explored Veliko Tarnovo and enjoyed lunch, the tour will continue to its final stop: Arbanasi Village.

The Incans built on and expanded the site beginning in 1450 AD.

Much of Pachacamac has yet to be excavated, and the site is currently dominated by the imposing Temples of the Sun and Moon.

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