Dating in france cultural differences

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Love and dating are both found all over the world, but ideas about them aren’t always the same.During the past six months in Germany, I’ve learned that there are some differences between the mindset of couples and dating in the United States and the mindset in Germany.I looking to find out if we are suffering from cultural misunderstandings or it is just not meant to be.For example, we do not speak very often in between dates.

Norway's famous open-faced sandwiches are tough to eat without silverware, so they probably just decided to apply the habit to American sandwiches as well. In England, you're flipping someone off when you do the peace sign backwards. Some argue it's fine, but others say the left hand is known as the one you use for... To make things easier, pants even come with cute little slits in the booty! Roundabouts take the place of stoplights in the United Kingdom. Here are some cultural discrepancies that might strike you as bizarre while you're abroad. When kids lose their teeth in Greece (and reportedly other countries), they throw them on the roof. Some people (mostly kids) say that in bad weather, the thunder god Raijin is on the hunt for belly buttons. Indians might avoid giving you a gift or your change with their left hand. The specifics vary from nation to nation, but one popular interpretation lumps North and South America together as one continent called "America" and counts Europe and Asia together as "Eurasia." 7. In certain rural parts of the country, it's apparently acceptable for kids to relieve themselves wherever they please. I am an American in NY who has been dating a French man for about 5 months now.He is very kind hearted and we have a nice time together, but lately I have been wondering about things.

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